Japanese Spirit with Chinese Talent.
A concept of thought born during the Heian Period.

In ancient Japan, there was a period when frequent cultural exchange between Japan and mainland China. During this period, Japan had no basic foundation of education. It was developed through academic research of mainland China by our ancestors.

At the same time our ancestors did not want to just imitate the mainland, but create its own identity. “心” is kokoro, which means “spirit”, “heart”, or “mind”. It is “kokoro” that we see the aesthetic sense in art, spirituality, and life. This subtlety and uniqueness of Japan was born.

At Sazenka we strive to embody “kokoro”, as modern cuisine, Japanese cuisine, and Chinese cuisine find harmony together. Chef Kawada’s draws on his years of experience to bring out delicious bold flavors using seasonal Japanese ingredients from throughout Japan. We wish to communicate traditional Chinese cuisine to Japan and the world.

中国菜 茶禅華 Chinese cuisine Sazenka

The ultimate view of the world is created when we are face to face with each other. It is not a one-way line from host to guest, but a beautiful balance of mutual integrity that flows like air, ever so harmonious.

At our core, Sazenka is a place of outstanding hospitality, always flexible, never overpowering. We aim to create the finest new Chinese cuisine dishes while honoring the spirit of Japan and respecting the ingredients.