CEO Executive Director

Ryoji Hayashi – CEO Executive Director

Imagining harmony

Cuisine, open space, aroma, and sound
Guests, our team, farm producers……
All the people who associate with us
Touching them one by one

Centering on Chef Kawada’s specialties and our passion, with each element having meaning and heart, Sazenka is creating a harmonious place.

It is my aspiration that the harmony we create becomes nimble and strong and grow while maintaining balance.
That is how I am breathing life into the restaurant.


Born on November 25, 1977
1994 – 1996 Matsue Minami High School
1996 – 1997 Musashino Cooking College


1997-1999 Ebisu Chinese restaurant “Tsukushiro”
1999-2002 Nishiazabu Chinese restaurant “Azabu Choko”
2002 – Present Tosenkaku Group
2002 – Present Head chef Chinese restaurant “Tosenkaku” in the city of Matsue, Shimane
2005 Opened wedding venue “Jasmin” in the city of Matsue;
2012 Promoted to CEO of Tosenkaku Group;
2013 Opened café “Salon” in the city of Matsue
2017 Opened “Sazenka” in February of 2017