Japanese Spirit with Chinese Talent.

A conception of Japanese ideas thinking that dispeared in heian period.

Ancient Japan, a period in which Japan kept a relationship of frequent cultural exchange with Asia mainland, ancestor treat sinology as the base of functional knowledge.
On the other hand, in terms of “mind” such as aesthetic sense, art and spirituality in real life, we respect Japan’s unique traditions and culture, where a cultural and academic sublimation that is not imitating just a continent was born, The predecessors built a unique world view unique to Japan.

Replacing it with contemporary cuisine and restaurants, Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine, the chef who studied hardly can draw both the delicious “deliciousness” of the bold Japanese dish of Chinese cuisine We will challenge the Chinese cuisine that can communicate the traditional Chinese cuisine to Japan and the world according to Japanese ingredients and culture preferences.

中国菜 茶禅華 Chinese cuisine Sazenka

The fact that you face the opponent and face yourself creates the ultimate world view.
It is not only a “hospitality” of a vector from host to guest but also harmony of beautiful balance from mutual integrity of host and guest, such a thought that air flows.

Born by shopping the store rooted in this place with soft and gentle “best hospitality” with customers, confronting themselves with ingredients.
I believe that we can provide new Chinese cuisine as “the best dish” by the spirit of Japan and ingredients.